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Plushie's Top 10 Porns of 2006

1 Jay Jerks Off In A Warehouse

Plushie isn't prone to crushes, and he's never considered himself to be a one man bear, but the guys over at DirtyBoyVideo have shown him a man that he thinks he could really settle down with. Plushie loves lean boys, big dicks, and guys who jerk off in public. Plushie is more than a little bit in love with Jay, and that's why he's snagged Plushie's Number 1 spot on the list!
2 Devin's Double-Penetration

Plushie's always wanted to try getting double fucked, but being a guy in a Bear Suit has made that goal hard to achieve. Maybe someday Plushie will get plugged by two guys at once, but until then he'll have to live vicariously through the hot twinks double fucking in this video from the guys over at
3 Hotel Lobby Bathroom Jerk-Off

Plushie loves jerking off in public restrooms, and the guys at DirtyBoyVideo are giving him what he wants yet again! This public display of depravity makes Plushie so hot that he wishes his ass was small enough to take a seat on a public urinal!
4 Clark Kent Shoots A Load

Nothing gives Plushie a big bear boner quite like a lean muscled straight boy! Who gives a shit about Superman when the guys at have provided a steamy video of Clark Kent jerking off onto a gay dude!
5 Nomar Shows Off His Hot Bod

Plushie is a sucker for a man with an accent, especially when said man has a ripped up gym body. The guys over at have given him exactly that. Plushie thinks Nomar could be just what a lonely bear needs.
6 Johnny The Fuck Animal

Plushie is usually content being a guy in a Bear suit, but after watching this hot video from the guys at StraightBoysFucking he kinda wishes that he was a blow up doll. Johnny "the fuck animal" pounds the hell out of a blowup doll with his fat cock. Fuck animal? That's Plushie's title!
7 Chad Meets Don Rodd

The only thing Plushie likes more than a hot guy with a big cock is a hot guy with a big UNCUT cock. Plushie really wishes he had been there to help this guy Chad out, but he's willing to settle for watching Don Rodd do it in this video from the guys at DickShow.
8 Parker and Jason

Plushie has his kinky side, and that's why he loves this video from so much! Watching Jason ordering Parker around and fucking him like a bitch has put a lot of ideas into Plushie's head about what he's going to do with the next trick he picks up from a truckstop.
9 Peter's French Bon

Plushie loves the Canadians, and he loves uncut cock! It should come as no surprise at all then, that Plushie really loves this hot video of a French Canadian Hunk named Peter from A hot guy with tattoos and an uncut cock. What's not for Plushie to love?
10 Plushie Loves Cory Koons

Ever since Plushie and Cory Koons made love Plushie just can't stop thinking about him. That's why this video from DickShow of Cory gets Plushie so hot. It just goes to show you, letting Plushie fuck you is a good way to get on his top ten list!
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